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21st Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems

(21mo Convegno Nazionale su Sistemi Evoluti per Basi di Dati)

June 30th - July 03rd 2013, Roccella Jonica

Roccella Jonica is an italian town of the Reggio Calabria province with 6739 inhabitants. It is situated in the Ionian Coast of the Reggio Calabria province, also known as Jasmine Coast or Jasmine Riviera. It is probably located over the Magna Graecia town of Amphysia.

The main building characterizing Roccella Jonica is the Castle, which dominates the town. Another ancient building is the "Minimi Paolotti" Convent. It was built in 1590 and was inhabited by monks until 1814, when many religious institutions were suppressed by a low. Later it became the town hall until some decades ago. Finally, it was restored and now it is used for conferences and exhibitions.

Since about 30 years, in the summer, Roccella Jonica hosts an important Jazz festival, known as "Roccella Jazz Festival - Rumori Mediterranei". Among the artists who participated to this festival, there are Maceo Parker, Noa, John Patitucci, Joe Henderson, Wayne Shorter, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Maria Laura Baccarini, and Rita Marcotulli.

The most important feast in Roccella Jonica is the "Feast of Our Lady of Graces" , which is celebrated every year in the first Sunday of July. On Sunday afternoon, the statue of Our Lady of Graces is transported by Roccella's sailors throughout the streets of the town and, then, in the sea where it is followed by a high number of boats.

Since many years, Roccella Jonica receives the Blue Flag, the prestigious acknowledgement, international synonymous of high-quality beaches and marinas, that the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) assigns, after rigorous checks, to those towns which guarantee not only a safe bathing and clean beaches, but also ecological services such as waste collection, bicycle paths, sustainable tourism, beaches and services accessible for all people.

Since some years, in August, along with the traditional "White Night", Roccella Jonica organizes the "Green Night". This night is dedicated to the environment. A village is organized in the seafront. Here handicraft, biological agriculture and high-quality products are shown and sold. In the same village several movies about environment are shown and several debates are hold.

Roccella Jonica is one of the first town in Italy where the house-to-house waste collection has been activated.

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